Fresh Finish Pools Services

Our Services

  • Pool Repair
  • Pool Cleaning, chemicals and algae treatments
  • Full weekly maintenance service
  • Equipment installation/repair
  • Warranty repair for major brands
  • Resurfacing/Refinishing
  • Heater, heat pump and motor services
  • Green Pool clean ups
  • Salt water pool cleaning and maintenance service
  • Thorough pool inspection, leak detection and repair
Fresh Finish Pools

Pool Repair

  • Warranty on ALL major brands
  • Trained and certified, expert repairs
  • All repairs performed to regional and health codes


Weekly Maintenance Services

  • A perfect pool, all the time!

  Full service includes:

  • Water balancing
  • Premium chemicals
  • Tile cleaning
  • Surface skimming
  • wall brushing
  • Emptying all baskets
  • Systems checks including lubrication
  • Filter rinsing and backwashing
  • Vacuuming (as needed)

Pool Refinishing and Remodeling Services

  • Reverse the signs of aging
  • Aggregate, pebble and stone – expertly applied
  • Tile, pavers, fountains and water features.


Green Pool Clean Up Services

  • From swampy green to healthy and clean!
  • Draining, chemical rinse and rebalancing
  • We carry “pool pop” insurance to fully protect our customers


Fresh Finish PoolsMaintaining proper chemical balance is vital to prevent harm to swimmers and pitting that can cause leaks.

Fresh Finish Pools, your Pinellas County pool service experts, providing a full range of pool maintenance, cleaning and repair options. Our skilled technicians are trained in the latest methods for restoring and maintaining your pools beauty and most importantly, its health.  Our goal is for your pool to contain the healthiest water possible.

Major pool damage begins with small things. A little crack here, a few pop up hollow spots there or the finish begins to chip. Careful chemistry and preventative maintenance can often save the homeowner from having much more costly repairs later on. Fresh Finish technicians have the skills, tools and materials on hand to handle all of your pool repairs and maintenance. We’re your home town service experts for minor repairs, pool refinishing and green pool clean up services. Call Fresh Finish Pools today for a free evaluation and keep your pool investment protected.

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